Benefits of Working at Intergroup

Intergroup is committed to the concept that your employment is a partnership.

Equal Employment Opportunities:

Intergroup is an equal opportunity company.  This means that all human resource practices such as recruitment, promotion, training, benefits and discipline will be undertaken in such a way that no staff member is disadvantaged by reasons of sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, employment status, marital status, family status, religious or political belief, political opinion, sexual preference, age or disability.

Being Part of a Great Team:

Feedback from the business tells us regularly that people enjoy working here because we have great teams.  It’s the people who make the difference and because of our robust recruitment and selection processes, we are selective about who we employ and we make sure they fit well within our culture.

Competitive Remuneration:

We believe in looking after our people because they are our biggest assets.

Learning and Development:

We are creating an environment where you can continually develop, grow and improve your skills and your effectiveness.  Your development may occur through a variety of methods; formal and informal training and by getting involved!